In case of sickness

I am sick – what should I do?

Did you get sick? First of all, illness is nothing pleasant, therefore we would like to improve the process of going through it by efficient contact and monitoring of the situation.


As you know, the Dutch health care system does not have a dismissal document you can receive from your family doctor.
That is why there are some other rules and regulations you have to follow each time you are absent from work due to illness.


There are two important reasons to follow the sickness reporting procedure.

If you are not present at work, Fo-cus as your employer must always know about it.
We inform your supervisor in the workplace, and we often have to send a replacement to your place. That is why it is so important for us to know that you will not be at work before the planned start time.

When you inform the planning department about the fact that you cannot go to work, you are obliged to personally report it by phone to 10.00 in the morning to our office.

(+31) 165 745 439

Reports via e-mail, SMS, voicemail or with a colleague are not accepted.

Make sure that we can reach you because we will maintain contact with you during this period.


What’s next?

You have reported to us that you are sick.

In our office works a person responsible for receiving such applications. He will guide you in the process of reporting sick up to your recovery.

During this process we expect you to do everything to expedite your recovery and keep the appointments and agreements you make with the case manager.

Our colleague will ask you what happened and whether you can pre-determine how long your absence from work will last. Also, he will provide you with all necessary information regarding your illness.

As fast you report sickness to us the days for which you are entitled will be calculated, which is why it is so important to always inform us about the disease without delay and according to generally accepted rules.

Please note: a family doctor is not the person who can decide whether you are able to work and to what extent. This is reserved for the Occupational Physician who can be called in by the employer, or the UWV Insurance doctor if you are referred to it.

During your absence, it is also very important that you stay at your home address that is known to Fo-cus. Should you be staying somewhere else for whatever reason (e.g. in a hospital) then please inform your contact person accordingly.


Are you fully recovered? Then you can resume your work please inform Fo-cus as well as your manager at work that you have returned.